Joëlle Voogt


Joëlle Voogt received her BFA from the University of Georgia and has exhibited her work throughout Athens, Atlanta, GA, and Boston, MA. She is now based in Charlotte, NC. Voogt’s work is dynamic, yet often focused on uniting the human figure with two dimensional design. Sometimes realistic, sometimes more abstract, her art shows influences of Vermeer’s intense color and play on light, Van Gogh’s thick expressive brush strokes, and Mucha’s stylized linear design of art nouveau. Her Dutch roots interwoven with a life in the South since age 7 explain some of the way she approaches her work as well as having an artist mother as influence. Now with her own young family in tow, Voogt is back in her studio in Charlotte working towards the same goal of creating artwork that she has always had. Her work is primarily process based, and large oils often start as small ink watercolors with travel experience, human figure, nature, and textile design all having major influence in her work.